Covering Qatar's Construction and Fire Safety Crisis

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The building you live or work in may feel safe and look strong from the outside, but have you ever wondered how sturdy it really is? How about the people who built it – how safe were they during the construction process? Was anyone injured? Or worse…did anyone die?

Qatar Under Construction, a multimedia website and reporting project produced by Northwestern University in Qatar’s Advanced Online Storytelling students, will provide the answers to all your questions. Find out for yourself what is happening behind the scenes in the country’s high rises, malls and construction sites.

Website and Public Relations Team:
Fatma Al-Misned
Yara Darwish
Sara Khodr

Data and Graphics Team:
Zineb Abdessadok
Haya Al-Mannai

Print Team:
Ahoud Al-Thani
Dona Fernandes
Jassim Kunji

Video Team:
Tessniem Alhafidh
Christina Andrews
Rinilda Raviraj
Zena Al Tahhan

Photo Team:
Saif Alnuweiri
Mohammed Noorudeen

Instructor and Editor:
Christina Paschyn

Teaching Assistants:
Ismaeel Naar
Elysia Windrum



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  1. Mark O'Doherty /

    I have been unable to find any reference to the standard which is to be applied for provision of emergency lighting in buildings in Qatar. What standard does Qatar Civil Defense expect emergency lighting systems to be designed to – NFPA, BS or other. Guidance on this is required in the same way as it is required for fire alarm systems and other life safety systems

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